A downloadable game for Windows

Created for Dream Diary Jam 5

This is Yume Nikki inspired game with alchemical themes (actual alchemy pending)

It's my first RPG Maker game , well my  first ever game, technically,  so it was a lot of work learning how to use it. This game is very short, only having a handful of effects and worlds, and it  may still have some issues, but thank you for checking out my game, it means a lot.

I will continue to work on this game.

Install instructions

You may need the 2003 rtp


Hermeticism.zip 1 MB


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For an absolute first, I gotta say you did quite well. If the art is all original then it's quite good, and the spirit of YN is definitely alive in this project. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything alchemical and occult.

If you were able to squash the bugs (I found a few), eliminate some of the stock rtp assets, tidy up your maps, and add some music, you'd have an absolutely kickass demo.

Keep at it! I'd love to see how this project evolves. :)